Waste Bailing Machines
Waste Bailing Machines

Free 30-day trial

Try a waste baler for 30 days and see how it could benefit your business

If you’re a business owner in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire or Ceredigion and are considering adding a waste baler to your operations then this is the perfect introductory option for you.

The value that sustainable activities are delivering to businesses continues to grow in importance, with the value of recyclable materials sold continuing to grow following the pandemic.

While you may have researched the benefits of baling your waste paper, cardboard and plastic, committing to the initial cost of investing into a baler without being sure of the results you’ll achieve can be a headache for businessowners.

Fortunately, help is at hand thanks to the brilliant Waste Baling Machines 30-day free trial promotional deal.

For 30 days, we will provide you with a free trial of one of our brilliant balers with zero commitment for your business.

Our team will provide a free assessment to ascertain your requirements as well as a complimentary installation.

As soon as that’s done, the baler’s yours to trial for 30 days… absolutely free!

We will also offer to purchase any complete bales that you produce, so you can experience the potential revenue opportunities that a baler can provide you – with no initial costs for yourself.

Whether it’s a brand-new model or refurbished alternative, we’re confident that you will absolutely love your baler and see the positive financial and environmental impact it can have on your business.

Once your 30-day trial has ended, you can then choose between our rental or purchase options. Or, if you feel it’s not for your business at this point of time, we’ll take it away again free of charge.

To arrange a free site assessment or to discuss the options that are available for you, please feel free to get in touch with our team on 01437 809 944 or email us on enquiries@wastebalingmachines.co.uk, we look forward to receiving your call.

Waste baler free trial offer